Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Michael said...

this is your dad again.please read my message i left u is important.i cant wait till i get to talk to u on the phone again because i am slow typing on the computer.i am getting faster you and miss you. hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Mike this is your mom im not dead either come home michael please im sorry i ever left you i just got caught up in all the drugs and sex. please forgive me darling. love mom

Doctor Todd said...

Mike this is Jeffrey Todd but i just got your informs in and it seems that you do have cancer and since i am leaving on vacation i have to tell you over the web and that you will die by infection in 3 days so i am sorry

Anonymous said...

Mike again this you your mom i also am appearing as anonymous because i am wanted right now for a few felonys. Also i have so news we should have told you when you were a kid.. we adopted you mike when you were just a baby boy and i know we should have told you but we were just proctecting you from all the agencies michael. please i have so much to talk to you about and get caught up love ...


Anonymous said...

Mike all we wanted for you is to go to school and have a normal life like a average american boy but since you were born with such an abnormal size nose it was hard for you to fit in.Im just saying even though you didnt go to college like we wanted you to we are happy both me and your dad that you are filming flippy things are your rollerskates or whatever you call that haha.. please respond soon son, love


Dr. Todd said...

Mike your mother is actually right i guess she figured she needed to give you the news and she does not have the same D type DNA that you Do have my number so please feel free to give me a call and once again that michael gentlemen a few comments up is not your Father also you are a deformed species of a human/bird and will need some xanex to help that so once again just give me a call when you have time that will help alot thanks, Todd

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